Edinburgh driving lessons

Amy – West Linton

Another success with Amy passing her driving test on her first attempt in Edinburgh at the Currie test centre. Amy had been due to sit her driving test just a few days after everything stopped for Coronavirus. This was very frustrating as we were ready to go for it.

After the summer lockdown ended, driving tests were to be reopened but in a mass booking way and now Amy had the challenge of trying to find a driving test. Amy was ready as soon as the booking service allowed her to book and was lucky enough to find a date in October that we could both make.

Amy did really well passing on her first attempt with compliments from the examiner. Amy is now free to drive to and from her college in Edinburgh instead of relying on the bus which makes things a lot easier for her. Well done and glad we managed to get it done reasonably quickly after things resumed and didn’t have the stress of having to rebook if she had been unsuccessful.

Some useful Driving Videos

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