Carlops driving Instructor

Bel – Carlops

After teaching her older sister Madeline to drive last year, it was now Bel’s turn to take on the road. Despite the challenge of evening lessons in the dark and unpredictable Scottish weather, Bel was eager to learn and get on the road.

Our first lesson was a success as we drove out of Carlops to the Moor road which led down to Penicuik. We started with the basic controls of the car and gradually progressed to stopping, starting, and changing gears. By the end of the Moor road, Bel had the basic control to safely drive around Penicuik.

Our weekly lessons and Bel’s practice with her parents paid off as she steadily progressed and added to her skill set. We even carried out mock driving tests to prepare for the real thing. Bel handled the pressure well and consistently demonstrated her skills.

As Bel approached her exam leave at school, we discussed the possibility of taking her driving test in Edinburgh during her time off school. Luckily, Bel managed to find a cancellation slot for a Friday morning in May, and we were ready to give it a go. To my delight, Bel passed on her first attempt with no faults recorded. What an amazing achievement!

I am so proud of Bel, and her excellent driving skills. Congratulations, Bel!