Inam – Oxgangs Edinburgh

Inam had changed driving instructors multiple times as he wasn’t happy with how he was progressing. When you get someone in this situation I always want to really give them m best shot and keep them motivated and enthusiastic about driving, after the first lesson Inam and I had set the pace to suit him. He had a lot of skills already and enjoyed being challenged when to on driving lessons so we made sure to keep the pace of learning up high enough for him.

It wasn’t before long that we had covered everything and were fine-tuning small areas of driving.

We did a lot of driving lessons in the Colinton area initially, this actually offered a little bit of everything and has some fairly busy sections in it so always learning to be had. Once Inam had mastered that then progressed to driving around Edinburgh.

Inam sat his test at the Curie test centre in Edinburgh and passed. Inam was lucky enough to have a car ready to go and I have passed him many times on the road since.

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