Lessons West Linton

Siblings Paved the Way, Now It’s Her Turn to Shine

Hannah, on the cusp of her 6th year at school, delved into driving lessons amidst the summer holidays. Following in the footsteps of her older siblings, it was time for Hannah to learn and, hopefully, secure her driving license.

Our journey began on the quiet back roads from West Linton, winding towards Penicuik. Hannah swiftly embraced the basics, progressing from starting and stopping to navigating gears and mastering clutch control on hilly stretches. Determination marked her every move.

In between lessons, Hannah practised with her parents, enhancing progress and refining skills already covered. As August drew to a close and school beckoned, we synchronized schedules, utilizing Hannah’s half-day on Fridays for lessons.

A mock driving test pinpointed a few areas for refinement, which we tackled diligently. Soon after, Hannah seized a driving test cancellation at the Currie test centre in Edinburgh.

On the big day, I picked up Hannah for a final warm-up around town. Confidence radiated as she flawlessly navigated the roads. Parking at the test centre, anticipation lingered as Hannah ventured away with the examiner.

Delight filled the moment of their return as the examiner announced Hannah’s successβ€”a great drive resulting in a well-deserved pass.

Well done, Hannah! You are now free to come and go from West Linton as much as you like! πŸš—πŸŒŸ