Edinburgh driving lessons

Linda – Marchmont Edinburgh

Linda was due to sit her driving test the day after things stopped in March due to coronavirus. This was such a shame as she felt ready and was all set to hopefully get her licence. Her driving test date in March was booked for literally the day after they decided to stop doing driving tests. So only hours before the lockdown.

Linda patiently waited to get allocated a new test date which when she was told it was going to be October seemed like a long time away. Linda did really well though and kept thinking about everything she needed to do. This can sometimes be really easy to lose focus as drawing the weight out for months its very easy to forget some of the early details that you learnt about driving.

On the day she said she was really nervous but this didn’t really show during the driving test as she passed her driving test at Currie in Edinburgh on her first attempt with compliments from the examiner. Well done Linda it was worth the wait.

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