Edinburgh Driving Lessons

Morven – Morningside Edinburgh

Morven’s mum got in touch to arrange for me to begin driving lessons on Morven’s birthday. A few years earlier I had had the pleasure of teaching Morven’s sister Rihan to drive and now it was time for Morven to hopefully get her licence. Living in Morningside we needed to get Morven used to busy traffic early so we could have her driving from her house to lots of different areas of Edinburgh. As driving lessons went on we had a look at lots of different areas in Edinburgh including driving through the centre of Edinburgh while the Edinburgh festival was taking place. Morven progressed quickly and after doing a few driving lessons and feeling confident she began practising with her mum between driving lessons. This really brought things together as it meant she got far more time behind the wheel. After sitting her theory test the next step was to book and sit the practical driving test. We lined one up for mid-January this gave Morven the Christmas holidays to bring any fine details together. I was delighted to see Morven sit and pass her driving test on her first attempt in Edinburgh. Well done.