The video I have made here looks at one of the many possible driving test routes used in Peebles. In your lessons with your instructor, you will learn a lot of skills all of which you should be able to apply during your driving test. Your driving test will last around 40 minutes, and you will follow the road ahead at all times unless signs instruct you otherwise. If the examiner wants you to turn left or right they will tell you in plenty of time. You will be asked to carry out 1 manoeuvre. You will also be asked to complete around 10 minutes of independent driving in Peebles for which you will usually be given a set of directions to follow, and you may also be asked to carry out an emergency stop (Not necessarily in that order).

You can expect that the driving test will allow you to fully utilise the range of roads and features around the test centre area, in order to be able to test your skills and road knowledge thoroughly. Therefore you want to have plenty of experience driving in the area and feel comfortable with everything you might get asked to do. During lessons with your driving instructor you will usually cover all these areas which might include the roundabouts, the small back roads, one way systems and difficult junctions including stop junctions.

In Peebles there are a lot of traffic meeting places as the streets have a lot of parked cars so one of the key things I find when teaching people in the Peebles area is that you need to keep your car out the way until you know it is clear to continue through, so basically assume that someone is coming towards you until you can see its clear to proceed. Make sure that you give everything adequate clearance when you pass, if you can see its clear don’t be afraid to use the road, remember you can’t control if someone chooses to throw a door open, but you can stay out the danger area if there is enough room.

Make sure you feel comfortable with your manoeuvres, and are very clear on how to fix anything if you make a mistake. The two key points examined in the manoeuvres are control and observation. So if you were to misjudge something as long as you are going slow enough and don’t end up on the pavement and keep looking around you will be able to pull forwards and sort your mistake.

Best of luck with your driving test hopefully this video will consolidate a lot of things you have already gone through on driving lessons with your driving instructor if you have any questions please dont hesitate to contact me through the contact section of my website.