Xiadong, Edinburgh

Xiaodong – Slateford, Edinburgh

Xiaodong had never driven before but he was extremely enthusiastic and got right into discussing driving with me. he started learning to drive when I still had a franchise with the AA driving school, after us going out a couple of times I was changing to my independent company Angus Driving. I asked Xiadong if he was happy to stick with me, or would he prefer another AA driving instructor.? He was very adamant that he would rather stay with me which of course I was absolutely delighted about.

Each lesson Xiaodong would have more questions which was great as I knew his knowledge and understanding was incredibly high.

After doing driving lessons in Edinburgh around the Currie and Morningside area Xiaodong went on to sit his driving test at the Currie test centre. Passing his driving test opening many job opportunities for him, so I wish him all the best. Xiadong was an absolute pleasure to go out driving with.

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