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From Country Roads to City Streets: Hannah’s Driving Test Triumph

Having previously taught Hannah’s brother, Owen, to drive a few years ago, it was a familiar scenario when Hannah expressed her eagerness to embark on her driving journey. Residing in West Linton, where having a driving license significantly enhances one’s lifestyle, Hannah was determined to follow in her brother’s footsteps.

Our initial lesson in West Linton involved navigating the back roads to Penicuik. Covering basic car controls, and fundamental skills, and even delving into advanced clutch control, Hannah impressed by absorbing every instruction and swiftly applying it.

In addition to our weekly sessions, Hannah’s driving progress was bolstered by regular practice with her mum. Each outing marked a visible improvement, with Hannah becoming more adept, smoother, and increasingly confident—a delightful progression to witness.

After passing her theory test, we seamlessly transitioned to the next phase—finding a suitable driving test slot. Hannah secured a January cancellation, striking the right balance between perfecting existing skills and maintaining the excitement of the impending test.

To enhance preparedness, Hannah and her mum ventured to Edinburgh, practising on potential test routes. On the test day, we left West Linton for Edinburgh, and Hannah showcased her skills to the examiner. My confidence in her abilities was rewarded when she returned to the test centre with the news of passing on her first attempt. Congratulations, Hannah!